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5101:2-50-01 Bridges Definitions.

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Please note: these new rules to will be posted for 14 days for pre-clearance. These rules were created to outline and provide guidance on the Bridges program derived from recently enacted legislation (Substitute HB 50). The rules contained in this package specifically address the definitions used for Bridges, and the requirements for Title IV-E eligibility and reimbursability.

This rule contains the definitions of terms used in Chapter 5101:2-50 of the Administrative Code.
(A) "Bridges Applicant" is an emancipated young adult applying for Bridges.
(B) "Bridges Liaison" is an individual acting on behalf of a Bridges Regional Grantee to provide case
management to, and advocacy for, a Bridges participant.
(C) "Bridges Participant" is an emancipated young adult approved for and actively receiving Bridges services.
(D) "Bridges Regional Grantee" is the agency or consortium selected by ODJFS as a result of the procurement
process that will be providing services to emancipated young adults in a region or regions of the state.
(E) "Bridges Representative" is an individual acting on behalf of a Bridges Regional Grantee.
(F) "Business Day" is any day, Monday through Friday, excluding the ten federal holidays.
(G) "Calendar Day" is any day in the month including weekends and holidays.
(H) "Designee" means a person designated by the governing body of an agency who is responsible for the
management and administration of a program on behalf of the agency.
(I) "Emancipation" means the termination of custody because an individual has reached the age of majority and
who was in the custody of a public children services agency.
(J) "Foster care maintenance" is an individual entitlement for financial assistance for board and care of children
who meet the eligibility requirements contained in Chapter 5101:2-50-04 of the Administrative Code, who
are in the placement and care of a Title IV-E agency and are in an approved substitute care placement.
(K) "Issued", when used in reference to notices, decisions, and other documents, means the date the document is
sent by U.S. mail or hand delivered, whichever is earlier.
(L) "Qualified Practitioner", for the purposes of Bridges, is a licensed professional qualified to diagnose an
individual with a physical, mental, or developmental medical condition.
(M) "Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS)", as established and maintained in
accordance with the requirements of 42 U.S.C. 674 (a)(3)(C), is a comprehensive automated case
management tool that supports child protective and family preservation services.
(N) "Voluntary Participation Agreement" is a written agreement, binding on the parties to the agreement, between
ODJFS and a young adult which specifies, at a minimum, the legal status of the young adult and the rights
and obligations of the young adult and ODJFS while the young adult is involved in Bridges.
(O) "Young adult" means a person that has attained the age of eighteen but not attained the age of twenty-one.