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(A) The public children services agency (PCSA) or private child placing agency (PCPA) shall coordinate comprehensive health care for each child in its care or custody who is placed into substitute care. In coordinating comprehensive health care, the PCSA or PCPA shall attempt to arrange for health care from the child's existing and previous medical providers as well as involve the parent, guardian, or custodian in the planning and delivery of health care services.

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03-02-2018 (3:59pm)
While this requirement made sense in a Medicaid fee for service environment, it does not now that all children in custody (with very few exceptions) are required to have a Medicaid Managed Care Plan (MCP). Practically, the act of coordinating comprehensive health care for each child now must be done IN PARTNERSHIP with the MCP and with paid placement providers, and the MCPs have the LEAD role in assuring access to care. This is an important statement of state policy and might be worth reviewing with the Department of Medicaid.
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