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A psychological examination for a child adjudicated delinquent is conducted within sixty days of the child's entry into substitute care unless a psychological examination was conducted within twelve months prior to the date the child was placed in substitute care and a copy is filed in the child's case record. If no psychological examination of the child is available, an examination to detect mental and emotional disorders shall be performed by: (a) A licensed independent social worker. (b) A licensed social worker. (c) A licensed professional clinical counselor. (d) A licensed professional counselor.

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Belinda Peugh
02-23-2018 (11:53am)
This section needs to be updated to meet the current standard of care. “Psychological examination” is not appropriate, and a “behavioral health screening” may be better. This should not just apply to adjudicated delinquents but could be required for ALL children when entering custody of PCSA. Screening could include: trauma, depression, ADHD, PTSD, SUD, other ACES/trauma related issues. If screening indicates need for further evaluation and care, PCSA and MCP will work together to assure access to this within 60 days. Further, the list of people who can perform the screening should be expanded to include school personnel, PCSA staff, medical professionals, many other types of clinicians.
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