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(C) No later than five working days after the date of the child's most recent placement setting, unless medical care is needed sooner, the PCSA or PCPA shall secure a medical screening to prevent possible transmission of common childhood communicable diseases and to identify any symptoms of illness, injury, or maltreatment. The medical screening shall be conducted by one of the following: (1) A licensed physician. (2) An advanced practice nurse. (3) A registered nurse. (4) A licensed practical nurse. (5) A physician's assistant. (D) The PCSA or PCPA shall arrange for the following health care for a child who is in substitute care, the agency shall ensure: (1) No later than sixty days after the child's placement into substitute care the agency is to obtain a comprehensive physical exam which will include a vision and hearing screening. The agency shall secure an annual comprehensive physical exam no later than thirty days after the anniversary date of the child's last physical which shall include a vision and hearing screening.

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Jeff Felton
02-22-2018 (11:07am)
The cost of these services must be born by the MCO and not the PSCA.
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