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(E) The acceptance of accreditation in lieu of an ODJFS certification requirement rests solely at the discretion of ODJFS. The refusal of ODJFS to accept accreditation, in whole or in part, shall be final and shall not be construed as creating any rights to a hearing under Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

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Mark Mecum
12-15-2017 (3:28pm)
This whole section E should be deleted. The first sentence is redundant because section A already says the deemed status requested must be documented to its "satisfaction". Further, denial of deemed status should be subject to Chapter 119 rights. This rule has existed for 21 years and ODJFS, to my knowledge, has only deemed one agency per this rule, and only on one standard (maintaining copies of Board minutes). Clearly, something wrong is happening. If ODJFS is to follow the spirit and intent of the legislation that enacted this deemed status program (see ORC 5103.03) it must create a reasonable path forward for agencies to apply for deemed status in a way in which the request is not categorically denied.
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Heidi McAfee
12-18-2017 (10:17am)
I agree with Mark 100%. Deemed status is deemed status. There is already too much "left to the discretion of ODJFS"