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(C) The PCSA or PCPA shall conduct a life skills assessment on each youth in agency custody, who has reached age fourteen. The assessment shall be completed no later than sixty days after the youth's fourteenth birthday or sixty days after the youth enters agency custody, whichever is first. A life skills assessment shall establish the need for independent living services identified in paragraph (D) of this rule. The life skills assessment shall be completed with documented input from the youth, the youth's caregiver, and the youth's case manager.

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Matthew Carter
12-02-2016 (11:50am)
Can the assessment date and the development of the plan both be within a certain time frame?. . .for instance can the rule read that "an assessment and Independent Living plan must be developed within 90 of the youth coming into care or within 90 days of the youth's 14th birthday" Having 60 days to do one action and then an additional 30 days from the date you complete the assessment makes agencies constantly track both dates. If it could be simplified to a set 90 days that would be much simpler.
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