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5101:2-40-02 Supportive services for prevention of placement, reunification and life skills. (A) The primary goals of all supportive services are: (1) To respect and support the integrity of the child's family unit. (2) To prevent placement of a child away from his or her family or caretaker. (3) To enable a child's return home or to an alternative permanent placement

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Dennis Crabtree
05-19-2016 (1:42pm)
I believe the primary goals are flawed. The primary goal should be for the safety of the children. The words stability and safety are not even anywhere in this section. Obviously there is a problem of some sort if a child is to be removed from their caregiver. So why isn't the safety and stability of the children even mentioned? Of course the ultimate goal is reunification but it shouldn't be the primary goal. There are many kids that slip through the cracks because of the emphasis placed on reunification not safety. There are many kids that once they see how great life can be do not want to return home, but they have no say so in the matter. The children that are living in a torturous family know best how they want to live their lives and what best fits there needs. But yet they have no involvement in the decision making process. Once they reach a certain age they should have a say so in what happens to them because ultimately it only affects them. The power that children services has over the children is a big mistake in my opinion if you have a bad caseworker. Nobody knows best what an abused child has been through so why not involve the children more?
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