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If there are no families available to be considered at a matching conference for a specific child and the JFS 01654 "Adoptive Placement Agreement" (rev. 2/2014) has not been signed, the agency shall conduct child-specific recruitment for the child prior to the next matching conference. Child specific recruitment shall include at a minimum: (1) Distribution of written information regarding the child to two or more adoption agencies. (2) Review case file information for relatives or individuals in the child's past who may be able and willing to provide a permanent home for the child. (3) Exploration with the child of the ability of individuals with whom the child is familiar who may be able and willing to adopt the child. (Y) Subsequent matching conferences are not required when: (1) The child has been matched with an adoptive family in a matching conference and signatures of the adoptive parent(s) and applicable agencies have been completed on the JFS 01654. (2) The child is age eighteen years old or older. However, the agency has the option to continue to hold matching conferences until the child reaches age twenty-one if the child is mentally or physically handicapped and still in the permanent custody of the agency. (3) The child's custody changes to a status other than permanent custody.

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Denise Estep
01-13-2016 (4:09pm)
Matching Facilitator for Clark County reported following: It is a concern when agency has to re-present families, complete the matching chart, on a children every 90 days, after they have been matched with that family and are awaiting adoptive placement. This delay often happens due to negotiations of subsidy with the adoptive parents, adoption spans or completion of large family assessments; to name some. We are holding Matching Conferences and reviewing the child's case every 90 days, unless another adoption application is received on the child, there really is no reason to match a child with the same family again and again. The need for agencies to re-present families of child who are not in adoptive placement is not clearly spelled out in rule, but if you consider paragraphs K, X and Y of the rule, is where the state is deriving the need to re-present the families every 90 days. If this area of the rule could be revised, if would save time and much duplication of work.
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