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(i) At least two hours of training on cultural issues in placement training including cultural diversity training.

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Mark Mecum
09-09-2014 (1:06pm)
We recommend removing this specific hour requirement but maintaining the topic as a required subject. There are many topics that foster parents need to learn about in Preservice training. This rule specifies the desired topics that ODJFS feels should be required for all foster parents. However, mandating a specific number of hours for certain topics and not others, takes hours away from other more relevant topics and undermines the ability for the agency to provide flexibility for Foster parents in training to spend more time on topics they need more discussion and information about. Different foster parents struggle in different areas and the trainer/ agency needs to be able to appropriately train parents as needed with more time in the areas foster parents most struggle with and less time in areas that foster parents understand easily. Many times foster parents ask why we spend so much time on one topic rather than others and all we can say it that it's required and that we try to focus on the topics most parents struggle with as much as possible.
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