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(L) A foster caregiver to whom either paragraph (L)(1) or (L)(2) of this rule applies shall be given an additional amount of time within which to complete the continuing training required under paragraph (C)(2), (C)(5) or (C)(9) of this rule, as applicable to the type of foster home the caregiver is certified to operate. The additional time shall be one month for each month the caregiver was on active duty. Any required training that is not met at the end of a foster caregiver's certification period applying the preceding sentence shall be waived by the agency. When a waiver of training is approved by an agency under this paragraph, the required training for the next certification period shall be the same as for any other caregiver operating a foster home of the type for which the foster caregiver is certified. The agency shall document any such extension of time in the foster caregiver's record.

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William B. Stull
08-21-2014 (11:12am)
I would also refer the reader to section 'J' of this rule that I commented on previously. Section 'J' speaks about a limitation of up to eight hours on a waiver. For example, if someone served on active duty for 6 months, the credit for 1/4 of the recertification hours under 'L' would be 10 hours, more than 'J' provides, unless I am mistaken. We have also looked at this section of the rule and find it somewhat confusing to interpret for foster care. Futher clarification might be helpful.
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