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(J) At the beginning of a foster caregiver's second certification period or a subsequent certification period, a recommending agency may include within the foster caregiver's written needs assessment and continuing training plan, a waiver of up to eight hours of continuing training that a foster caregiver holding a certificate for a family foster home or specialized foster home is otherwise required by paragraph (C) of this rule to complete during the certification period, if all of the following apply:

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William B. Stull
08-21-2014 (11:09am)
I would also refer the reader to section 'L' of this rule. A waiver of up to eight hours does not cover folks that have served in the military for extended periods of time. For example, if someone served on active duty for 6 months, the credit for 1/4 of the recertification hours under 'L' would be 10 hours, more than this section provides, unless I am mistaken. Clarification needed.
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