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(J) If removal of the child occurs and the parent, guardian, or custodian is present, the PCSA or PCPA shall provide the child, if age-appropriate, and the parent, guardian, or custodian with the following information verbally and in writing: (1) Reason for the removal. (2) PCSA name, telephone number, address, and name of person to contact regarding the case. (3) Visitation schedule prior to a journalized case plan. (4) Time and place of court hearings, when known and applicable. (5) If known, the name and telephone number of the employee designated by the court to provide the appointment of counsel to a parent, guardian, or custodian who cannot afford to hire an attorney. (K) If emergency removal of a child occurs in the absence of the parent, guardian, or custodian, the PCSA shall provide or attempt to provide the parent, guardian, or custodian with the information stated in paragraphs (J)(1) to (J)(5) of this rule within twenty-four hours. Notification shall be given verbally and in writing

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Jennifer Marple
07-25-2014 (9:41am)
Could these notification requirements read verbally or in writing?
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