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(A) Each public children services agency (PCSA) required to prepare a case plan for a child pursuant to rule 5101:2-38-01 or 5101:2-38-05 of the Administrative Code shall complete the JFS 01412 "Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model -I.S., Semiannual Administrative Review" (rev. 9/2012) for the case plan no later than every six months from whichever of the following activities occurs first:

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Eric Killinger
07-02-2014 (8:02am)
SAR/CR dates should not have to start over or change when a case is dismissed and refiled in court. Separate SAR/CR's should not have to be done for children that are part of the same family when they have different trigger dates due to legal filings or new births. We are sometimes doing two or three separate SAR's for the same family due to new children being added to the family at different times or other things that lead to different trigger dates.
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Pam Hinton, Richland PCSA
07-03-2014 (8:01am)
Please add language to define the CR/SAR trigger date for Alternative Response and Pathway Switch cases since these cases are triggered from the family assessment date.