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This website offers you the opportunity to comment on the Ohio Administrative Code Rules that govern programs for Ohio’s families and children, including child and adult protection, substitute care, adoption and related funding and administrative functions.  Whether you are a child professional whose daily tasks are guided by the rules, someone who has had experience with some aspect of Ohio’s child welfare system, or simply an individual who cares about how Ohio’s programs for families and children are administered, you have knowledge and insight to offer.

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Chapter 5101:2-5 Child Services Agency Licensing Rules.
Recertification of an agency to perform specific functions.5101:2-5-0409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Disaster preparedness plan requirements.5101:2-5-13.109/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Agency procedure for the termination of a foster home certificate.5101:2-5-2709/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Agency requirements for foster home records.5101:2-5-2909/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Additional requirements for an agency that acts as a representative of ODJFS in recommending treatment foster homes for certification.5101:2-5-3609/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Additional requirements for an agency that acts as a representative of ODJFS in recommending medically fragile foster homes for certification.5101:2-5-3709/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Preplacement and continuing training programs.5101:2-5-4009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-7 Foster Care.
The care and treatment team.5101:2-7-0309/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Records and confidentiality.5101:2-7-0409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Sleeping arrangements.5101:2-7-0509/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Meals.5101:2-7-0609/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Health services.5101:2-7-0709/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Care, supervision and discipline.5101:2-7-0909/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Care of a foster child under age two.5101:2-7-1009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Site and safety requirements for a foster home.5101:2-7-1209/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Foster home certificate.5101:2-7-1309/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Required notification.5101:2-7-1409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Additional requirements for a treatment foster caregiver and a treatment foster home.5101:2-7-1609/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Additional requirements for a foster caregiver for medically fragile children and a medically fragile foster home.5101:2-7-1709/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-9 Children's Residential Centers, Group Homes, and Residential Parenting Facilities.
Requirements for residential parenting facility and crisis care facility furniture, materials and equipment; diaper changing.5101:2-9-0509/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
General safety.5101:2-9-0609/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Fire safety.5101:2-9-0809/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Storage of hazardous materials.5101:2-9-1009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Admissions and admissions log.5101:2-9-1109/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Service plans.5101:2-9-1209/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Medications.5101:2-9-1409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Visiting and communications.5101:2-9-1609/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Child's money.5101:2-9-1709/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Personal belongings, hygiene, socialization, and education.5101:2-9-1909/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Food and nutrition.5101:2-9-2009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Care, supervision and discipline.5101:2-9-2109/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Isolation, seclusion and restraint.5101:2-9-2209/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Notification and documentation of critical incidents.5101:2-9-2309/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Child and family complaint policy and procedure.5101:2-9-2409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Residential parenting facility and crisis care facility location and programmatic requirements.5101:2-9-2509/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Bedrooms.5101:2-9-2809/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Bathrooms.5101:2-9-2909/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Kitchens and kitchen supplies.5101:2-9-3009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Transportation.5101:2-9-3209/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Building approval.5101:2-9-3409/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-33 Administrative Requirements.
Retained applicant fingerprint database information exchange (Rapback).5101:2-33-8009/15/2018 (28 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-40 Supportive Services.
Kinship permanency incentive (KPI) program.5101:2-40-0409/10/2018 (23 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-42 Substitute Care.
Placement services for infants of incarcerated mothers.5101:2-42-6009/10/2018 (23 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-52 Interstate Placement of Children.
PCSA responsibilities for the interstate compact on the placement of children.5101:2-52-0408/30/2018 (12 days remaining)
Requirements applicable to interstate placement of children when the PCPA, PNA, or court is the receiving agency.5101:2-52-0608/30/2018 (12 days remaining)
Interstate placement requirements for Ohio parents, legal guardians, or private entities when placing a child into another state or territory for adoption.5101:2-52-0808/30/2018 (12 days remaining)
Interstate placement requirements for Ohio courts, parents, or legal guardians when placing a child in a residential placement in another state or territory.5101:2-52-1008/30/2018 (12 days remaining)


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