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Ohio's Families and Children Rule Review Site: Your Opinion Counts!

This website offers you the opportunity to comment on the Ohio Administrative Code Rules that govern programs for Ohio’s families and children, including child and adult protection, substitute care, adoption and related funding and administrative functions.  Whether you are a child professional whose daily tasks are guided by the rules, someone who has had experience with some aspect of Ohio’s child welfare system, or simply an individual who cares about how Ohio’s programs for families and children are administered, you have knowledge and insight to offer.


What are rules?
Ohio Administrative Code rules are written statements of law adopted by an administrative agency to carry out the purpose and intent of a statute enacted by the Ohio General Assembly.  The rules on this site have been promulgated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as statutorily authorized. Once they were adopted through a process established by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), they  became codified in the Ohio Administrative Code 

How were these rules selected for comment?
All of the rules displayed on this site are scheduled to be reviewed or revised.  State law requires agencies to review its rules at least once every five years to ensure their continued need and relevance.  Some rules may be scheduled for amendment to reflect changes in state or federal law or policy.

How will my comment be used?
This site is intended as one method of outreach to bring you as a stakeholder into the rule process as early as possible.  You will not receive any written acknowledgement of your comment from the site, but all comments made on this website will be included in a report that will be discussed and considered as a part of the internal review of the rule-making process.

For more information on the rule-making process, click here. 

  We look forward to learning from you.  Thank you for making your voice heard!

 When rules are posted by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, they will appear below. 


Rules Open For Comment

Rule Comments Open Until
Chapter 5101:2-1 Children Services Definition of Terms.
Children services definitions of terms.5101:2-1-0110/22/2016 (0 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-33 Administrative Requirements.
Multiethnic Placement Act (MEPA) agency administrative requirements.5101:2-33-1111/12/2016 (20 days remaining)
Statewide automated child welfare information system (SACWIS) access.5101:2-33-7011/12/2016 (20 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-40 Supportive Services.
Supportive services for prevention of placement, reunification and life skills.5101:2-40-0210/22/2016 (0 days remaining)
Chapter 5101:2-48 Adoption.
Agency adoption policy and recruitment plan.5101:2-48-0511/12/2016 (20 days remaining)
Application process and preservice training.5101:2-48-0911/12/2016 (20 days remaining)
Completion of the adoption homestudy.5101:2-48-1211/12/2016 (20 days remaining)
Non-discrimination requirements for adoptive placements.5101:2-48-1311/12/2016 (20 days remaining)


Forms Open For Comment

Form Comments Open Until
No forms open for comment at this time.


Rules Scheduled for Review

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